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Pigeonholing - Dirichlet's Theorem -

'People watching', we always do it secretly, but are only slightly aware of the fact that we all like to do it.

We offer a place to watch people undisturbed, to relax while you think in boxes.

Categorizing people on their appearance is a natural thing to do, it defines our society as it is today.

While society becomes more and more divided, we seem to have lost our interest in others.

'Pigeonholing' invites you to actually look at people, to look more closely, judge others based on their appearance.

While doing so we will tap into your brain with a sensor and read out the fluctuations of the Alpha, Beta and

Theta waves , These waves tell us something about your state of being.

A temporary recording will be translated to light, and added to the light sculpture.  

By taking away the identity and only showing all these participants' thoughts in the form of

pulsating lights 'Pigeonholing' shows that all these ways of thinking, fantasies, feelings and

judgements are harmless and can even make a beautiful living sculpture that

changes every second, just like society.

Big thanks and credits to:

Over Het IJ Festival | Nathan Marcus | Caressa Hesselmann | Maarten Kip

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